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Glass Coating

Glass Coating is a clear and transparent liquid coating which may be applied to various surfaces providing excellent shine and protection. The development of Glass Coating was the result of customers demand for quick, cost effective and high quality surface restoration with long lasting lustre and protection. Over the last few years and in conjunction with various laboratories, we have developed the Glass Coating Range. The end products were a result of extensive research and developed after intensive testing on the field as well as in the laboratory.

Other Services


Screen Coating

Screen Coating has been developed to facilitate the crew job of keeping the owners spectacular view clear. A film is created to protect the glass from weather, salt and limestone deposit making it easier to clean.

Advantages for users:

• Seals the surface
• Protects against dirt, mould, grease and creams
• Reduces cleaning efforts
• Aggressive and expensive detergents can be eliminated
• Time saving
• Cost Saving


WOW Coating

WOW Coating restoration technology has proven to be the most effective coating product by a Wipe on Wipe off application. The coating rejuvenates the surface and gives a full gloss appearance to your dull surface with increased resistance to UV Rays . Our unique application procedure has been tested and effectively applied on areas exposed to direct sunlight . Glass coating is a clear product and retains its transparency even after application without yellowing or rainbow effects.

Diamond Polishing pads

Our new polishing technology system has all the benefits that one can expect when starting and finishing a polishing job. The Diamond Polishing Pad will achieve excellent polishing results without the need of chemical polishing liquids.


Upholstery Protection

We make sure that any upholstery on board is protected having developed a specific glass coating product for upholstery having the same benefits that are synonymous with the brand.

Stainless Steel Protection

Our stainless steel protection method protects against rust staining , UV rays, stains, dirt and water marks whilst retaining the shiny look with little effort required to maintain clean and shiny.

Yacht Projects

The Yacht Projects Facility is situated within the sheltered Grand Harbour of Malta where the lifting of yachts is catered for by means of two travel lifts of 300 Tons & 700 Tons respectively. Alongside berthing is also available for afloat works. The area is ISPS compliant with 24 hour security.

Yacht Projects are proud to have served the yachting industry for the past several years and are pleased to be able to offer this new facility to yacht owners, captains and operators, requiring modern equipment, a clean environment and cost effective and efficient service.