What is Glass Coating?

Glass Coating restores matt and opaque gel coat and painted surfaces to a high gloss durable finish. Our patented technology creates a non-stick coating of 10 micron thickness to protect from dirt, smoke and exhaust fumes and grease. Glass Coating system protect surfaces from being damaged by salt and U.V rays and particularly effective on surfaces next to generator exhausts and engine outlets. Glass coating system has transformed dull and oxidised surfaces with gloss levels as low as 10% to a new look finish with an 80-90% of gloss reflection.

Benefits of Glass Coating

Glass Coating has a unique preparation system using the finest approved sanding and preparation systems on the market. Using a cost effective application procedure, Glass Coating will provide the following benefits:

Restores Dull Surfaces

Restores dull and oxidised surfaces to a high gloss level which is long lasting

Stain Resistant

Resistant to exhaust staining

Easy to Clean

The glass coated surface is easy to clean


Glass Coating protects the surface from oxidisation and corrosion

Easily Removed

Glass Coating may be easily removed in case of future paint jobs

Cost Effective

Using efficient application procedures requiring basic logistics, the application is very cost effective.


Glass Coating has been specifically adapted to suite the marine environment and to allow for efficient applications on large surfaces to provide excellent shine and protective finish. The range of products allows for specific applications according to their nature and location.

Glass Coating may be applied to

  • painted surfaces
  • GRP
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Brass
  • Upholstery
  • Marble

Different materials are treated with specifically adopted products by Glass Coating.

Our professional, trained and experienced applicators may deliver our exceptional service anywhere the Yacht is located

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