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Screen Coating

Screen Coating has been developed to facilitate the crew job of keeping the owners spectacular view clear. A film is created to protect the glass from weather, salt and limestone deposit making it easier to clean.

Advantages for users:

• Seals the surface
• Protects against dirt, mold, grease and creams
• Reduced cleaning is required
• Aggressive and expensive detergents can be eliminated
• Time saving
• Cost Saving

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WOW Coating

WOW Coating restoration technology has proved to be the most effective coating product by a Wipe on Wipe off application. The coating rejuvenates the surface and gives a full gloss appearance to your dull surface and increases the resistance of UV Rays considering that the surface preparation is unique – Same application has been tested and effectively applied on areas where it is highly exposed to sun light. Our system keeps its original clear colour without any changes on surface and can be applied on all type of painted surface and GRP.

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Diamond Polishing Pads

Our new polishing technology system has all the benefits that one can expect while starting and finishing a polishing job. The Diamond Polishing Pad products achieve high polish results without the additional of chemical polishing liquids as we have produced different cutting grades of polishing pads. The advantage of our Diamond Pads is that one can polish all kind of painted surface into direct sunlight or frosted conditions with easy and great results and same pads can be washed and reused again. The polishing pads with Velcro are compatible with standard grinding grippers.

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Upholstery Protection

We make sure that any upholstery on board is protected.

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Stainless Steel Protection

Our stainless steel protection method protects against all rust, UV rays, stains, dirt, water, scratches and future contact with elements.

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